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Class A CDL Program

This is a 4 Week, full time program that will provide you with all the curriculum required to obtain your Class A CDL. The curriculum includes:

  • General Knowledge
  • Skills
  • Road Training

Week One:  Classroom instruction introducing the commercial motor vehicle industry, vehicle systems and parts, regulations, introduction to the pre-trip inspection, shifting a manual transmission, and written practice exams.

Week Two:  Range instruction introducing the Pre-Trip Inspection and beginning to learn how to maneuver a commercial motor vehicle on a closed course, primarily learning simple backing maneuvers, such as the offset and straight line backing. You will also learn how to couple and un-couple a trailer.

Week Three:  Range instruction and beginning road instruction in a limited live setting. On the range you will begin a higher level of backing to include alley dock or 90 degree backing, as well as on the road driving where you will master shifting a manual transmission.

Week Four:  Road training where a trailer introduced, and maneuvering more advanced courses in a fully live setting. You will be introduced to Hours of Service, using an electronic logging device (ELD), map reading and trip planning.

Graduation:  You will be scheduled to be formally tested by a state certified examiner once you have successfully completed and mastered all areas of the courses.

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